Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cartown SKIN Blog: Welcome!

Welcome to The Cartown SKIN Blog.

This Blog is dedicated to all Cartown Facebook users who like pimpin' their rides with different skins. We will be having updates frequently for different cartown vehicles like the Ford fusion, beetle, ice cream truck, taco truck and many more!We will also be showcasing different user skins created by our members and a request page for others.

Watch out for our monthly Cartown SKIN Contest where the winner will be receiving Facebook Credits or Cartown Points (Blue Coins).

Join us today!


  1. can someone send me a template of the ice cream truck from transfomers?

  2. i want dodge challenger and old skyline template.. pls!!

  3. i want a skin for mazda rx8

  4. i want a skin for ford 1973 pinto


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